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RD Tunnel Pro is a free VPN application for mobile coming from Network. It is a VPN client that offers users online protection as they surf and browse through the web. It also allows for unlimited connection speeds, letting them take full advantage of their internet service provider;s maximum bandwidth. Similar to other services like HulaVPN - Fast Secure VPN or Hook VPN - Fast Secure VPN, RD Tunnel Pro operate on an ad-supported business model. This allows users to benefit from its features without having to pay for a subscription plan or the like. Plain and simple When you first open the RD Tunnel Pro app, you will be greeted with a simple user interface without much fluff. It boasts one-tap operation, wherein you simply need to press the Start button, and it will do the rest for you. It will automatically select the best server based on your current location, but you can also manually configure it and choose your preferred one. Once you're up and running, RD Tunnel Pro displays some useful information about your connection from the main screen. Up top are icons showing your upload and download speeds measured in kilobytes, and the time it's been running since you connected.

  • REQUIREMENTS Android 4.1+
  • CATEGORY vpn , Free internet
  • SIZE 5.5 MB
  • VERSION rd tunnel pro apk 3.0
  • DOWNLOAD APK RD tunnel pro APP
  • APP Rating 4.61/5
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mtube screenshot Rd tunnel pro apk screenshot
mtube screenshot rd tunnel pro app screenshot
  • Features Application
  • Easy user interface and simple.
  • Design more wonderful and clean.
  • Most sports channels.
  • The package of channels OSN full.
  • Surfer turns the pressure.
  • An infinite number of users and unlimited duration.

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Below them are three rectangular icons that contain info for Server, Network (Wi-Fi or Mobile), and the Total Time the VPN has been running. You get the usual benefits such as IP masking to keep you anonymous and hidden online, as well as being able to bypass region-specific restrictions on sites and services. As mentioned earlier, the service is ad-supported, but thankfully it's not too intrusive. One thing to keep in mind before you give it a try is that the company's data-handling policy is unclear, so proceed with caution. Not bad Overall, RD Tunnel Pro is a decent free VPN offering that you can consider for basic needs and online protection, such as browsing and some streaming. It's easy to use, the ads are not too obnoxious to deal with, and of course, it is completely free. There is the matter of its vague data policy, though. If you're okay with that, it's worth giving it a try

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